Dr. Saxton offers expert witness and forensic psychiatry consultation services for a range of criminal and civil matters. She has training and experience in several different types of evaluations, as listed below.



Independent Medical Examinations (IME)


Competency to Execute a Will (Testamentary Capacity)

Fitness for Duty

Impaired Professional Evaluations


Worker's Compensation

Capacity to Contract

Medical Malpractice

Family Medical Leave Act

Emotional Damages



Competency to Stand Trial

Competency to Waive Miranda Rights

Criminal Responsibility (Legal Insanity, NGRI)

Mitigation of Penalty



Suicide Risk Assessments

Violence Risk / Threat Assessments

The Process

Dr. Saxton strives to complete evaluations and form her expert opinions in a manner that is as objective as possible.  Maintaining a high degree of ethical standards in the profession is a priority. Reports are written in clear and concise language that non-medically trained individuals can understand.  Expert opinions are structured in a way that clearly lays out the information supporting the opinion.

The consultation process generally follows the steps detailed below:

  1. Initial telephone contact with attorney (or occasionally the evaluee) to discuss the referral issue. Dr. Saxton provides a copy of her fee schedule and CV.

  2. If the parties agree to proceed with the evaluation, a retainer is requested, which can be paid by ACH check online.

  3. Once the retainer is received, Dr. Saxton is able to review documents pertinent to the case (paper copies preferred) in preparation for an in-person evaluation (if applicable).

  4. If at any point during the preparatory work or initial evaluation Dr. Saxton determines that her opinion is unlikely to be helpful to the party seeking the evaluation, Dr. Saxton will notify the attorney to discuss how he/she would like to proceed.

  5. An in-person evaluation is conducted, usually at the W.O. Walker Building in Cleveland, Ohio. However, Dr. Saxton is willing to travel to other locations as needed.

  6. After discussing preliminary thoughts regarding the case with the attorney, if a report is desired, Dr. Saxton will prepare the report.

  7. Deposition and/or Testimony if needed.